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Bachetti’s Catering specializes in providing our customers with high quality & perfectly spiced dishes that are developed by our creative & experienced catering staff...
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Oven Heating Guidelines

Food purchased from Bachetti’s catering menu is ready to heat-n-eat, with the exception of a few items that are indicated next to the item on the menu.

Chafer Heating Guide

When renting chafers from Bachetti’s Gourmet Market & Catering, you receive a complete chafer (chafer frame, lid, and water pan), chafing dish fuel cans, and the necessary serving utensils. The rental equipment contract, or our Equipment List, outlines the terms of rental.

After assembling the chafer, fill the water pan with about 1 inch of water. The water evaporates while the chafer is warming. If the chafer has been lit for more than a few hours, please check to make sure that there is enough water in the pan. Please be careful when checking the water level, the chafer and pans can burn you. The chafer’s water pan is not intended to hold food, so please put your food into separate food pans. We sell disposable food pans if you require them.

For proper heating, the water pan should be covered, for example one (1) full chafer should have one (1) full pan or two (2) half pans, not just one half pan.

Chafers are not for cooking food, they are meant to keep food hot or warm. For best results, heat your food in an oven and use the chafer to keep food warm. Below is a guide on heating instructions for using a chafer. Please refer to our menu and use as a guide for heating instructions when using an oven. The lid should remain on the chafer while the food is not being served.

Please refer to the table below as a guide to how many chafing dish fuel cans you should light under the chafer prior to serving.  **Do not put frozen food on the chafer, please let it thaw before warming.

For proper and even heating, stir and check the temperature of the food every 20 to 30 minutes. If the food seems too hot or cold 30 minutes prior to your eating time, you may add a chafing dish fuel can or snuff out the flame on the can. The chafing dish fuel cans get EXTREMELY HOT, so please take proper precautions.

Most of our chafing dish fuel lasts for approximately 2 hours. If your event is outside, please wrap 3 sides of your chafers with aluminum foil to prevent the wind from blowing out the flame on the can.

Do not hesitate to call our catering department or kitchen if you have any questions.

Delicate/Light Roast Beef
Baked Ham
Shrimp Lejon
Stuffed Mushrooms
Medium Sausage, Peppers & Onions
London Broil
Lemon Chicken
Lighter potato dishes
Vegetable dishes
Chicken appetizers
Heavy Most pasta dishes
Veal Spezzato
Chicken Scallopini
Pulled Pork
Pit Beef
Dense Potato Dishes
Rice Dishes

Catering Help, Advice, Tips & Guidance

Bachetti’s Event & Catering Guides:

Tables & Linens    A detailed chart matching seating capacity, linen & skirting sizes, & optional overlay sizes with tables of various sizes. It also includes swatch with a variety of linen colors available along with different ways to enhance a table’s look.
Chafing Dish Instructions    An overview on how to properly setup, use and maintain chafers to warm and/or maintain food tempertures for your catered event.
Carving a Pig Roast    Guidelines on how to carve a pig for a BBQ pig roast event.
More coming soon!

Caterers are a great starting point for almost any event. They often coordinate with, and see the quality from other vendors who specialize in products and services such as equipment rentals, bakeries, photography & videography, entertainment, transportation, floral arrangements, etc… They may also suggest a venue for your event.

Rolls & Butter
Deli Salads
Green Salads
Coffee & Tea

Tables & Chairs
China/Paper Goods
Coolers & Ice
Chafing Dishes

When ordering food, consider who will be attending and let the caterer know. Will there be many children? Will there be guests that have bottomless stomachs? Will there be vegetarians or vegans? For events with many guests, ordering a little extra is never a bad idea.

Bachetti’s can and will do everything to make your event as easy as possible for you. We are at your disposal.

Please place your order a week in advance. For Full Service events, we would like as much notice as possible so we can make sure your event is exactly as you want it. We do work miracles though.

Ordering food for any size group is never easy. There are many variables involved. This is where we can guide you. No one wants to run out of food, but you also do not want a truckload of leftovers either.

We will tell you the average amount you will need and you decide if you want to increase or decrease these amounts. To help us get to this average, please inform us of pertinent information such as: Is your event short or long? Will there be a large amount of children or a group of hungry football players? Is ‘Aunt Millie’ bringing her famous tuna casserole?

Make a few menu selections and we can guide you from there. Unless Bachetti’s is catering your event full service, you are responsible for the amounts of food that you order.

We accept Cash, Major Credit Cards and Checks.

For pickup orders, a valid credit card is needed to guarantee your order. Some food items require payment of that item, which serves as the guarantee.

For orders which will be delivered, a 20% deposit is required upon order confirmation.*

Personal checks are only accepted 21 days, or more, prior to the event.*

Final balance is due 10 days prior to your event.* Regardless of your payment method, a credit card is required when renting equipment.

We cannot deliver your food until the order is paid for in full.
Past due balances are subject to a 1.5% finance charge, plus any collection and/or legal fees.

*Our Full Service events have a different payment structure.

Additions can usually be made up to the last minute, just call and ask and we will do the best that we can. Cancellations or deletions may be made no later than seven days prior to the date. Please make sure you have a contingency plan for rain, snow, etc. Your food will be prepared
regardless of the weather. Last minute cancellations may be subjected to a 35% fee.

Let me get this straight… You are saying that you do not want to customize your event? Even with a nice variety of packages, there are usually items that people want to drop, add, or substitute with different items. You’re event should be exactly how you want it to be, without putting limits on what you can do.

We know that your event is unique. So we’ll work with you to create a menu that is perfect for your event. Years of experience has shown that customers are happier when they choose their menu and level of service.

Our delivery drivers strive to do their best to make sure you are happy. If you’re satisfied with their work, they will appreciate your generosity.

We can do it all. Our staff has many years of event coordination experience and we enjoy seeing our customers worry-free at their events. Our philosophy is simple, it is all about the food. Basically everything revolves around the main course and everything else naturally falls into place.

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