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Bachetti’s Catering specializes in providing our customers with high quality & perfectly spiced dishes that are developed by our creative & experienced catering staff...
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Equipment & Rentals


Package / Event Type

Chinet® Paper

Fluted Durable Disposable Plates

Banded Durable Disposable Plates

Hors d’oeuvres

6” plates, cutlery, and napkins

$0.90/person $1.60/person $2.00/person
Just the Meal

10¼” plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, and salt & pepper

$1.30/person $2.15/person $2.50/person
Meal with Appetizers

10¼” plates, 6” plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, and salt & pepper

$1.70/person $2.90/person $3.40/person
Meal with Appetizers & Desserts

10¼” plates, cups, salt & pepper and extra 6” plates, cutlery, and napkins

$2.10/person $3.70/person $4.20/person

Plate Styles

Fluted Plastic Plates Plastic Plates with Decorative Bands




Black with Gold Bands

Black with Silver Bands

White with Silver Bands

Ivory with Gold Bands

Chafing Dishes & Equipment


• For in-store Hot/Cold Pickup, see our Heating Guidelines page for chafer instructions.
• For your Chafer Delivery, this will include any serving utensils, bread baskets, and/or bowls for all of the food that you order along with sterno to keep your food warm for hours.

Cooler with 80 lbs. of Ice


Our ice coolers hold at least six cases of 12 oz. canned beverages.

Insulated Food Pan Carriers


Holds multiple pans of hot or cold food at safe temperatures for hours.

Grill (and Propane) with Table


Recommended for smaller parties. Comes complete with a propane tank and 6′ table. We also have larger sizes available that can handle large events, see picture below.

All china and glassware is based on a per person charge depending on the needs of the event. We will include the cost of china in your quote if you request.

Chafer Grill Oven
Sample chafing dish Grill for large events. ‘Portable’ oven
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