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Equiptment & Rentals

Chafing Dishes & Equipment


• For in-store Hot/Cold Pickup, see our Heating Guidelines page for chafer instructions.
• For your Chafer Delivery, this will include any serving utensils, bread baskets, and/or bowls for all of the food that you order along with sterno to keep your food warm for hours.

Cooler with 80 lbs. of Ice


Our ice coolers hold at least six cases of 12 oz. canned beverages.

Insulated Food Pan Carriers


Holds multiple pans of hot or cold food at safe temperatures for hours.

Grill (and Propane) with Table


Recommended for smaller parties. Comes complete with a propane tank and 6′ table. We also have larger sizes available that can handle large events, see picture below.

All china and glassware is based on a per person charge depending on the needs of the event. We will include the cost of china in your quote if you request.

Chafer Grill Oven
Sample chafing dish Grill for large events. ‘Portable’ oven

Table Rentals

There are many different styles and sizes of tables. The list below shows the options you may choose from for you next event.

3′ Round
4′ Round
5′ Round
6′ Round
4′ Banquet
6′ Banquet
8′ Banquet

3′ Cocktail
6′ Conference
8′ Conference
Half moon


For information on matching tables with their cooresponding linen sizes,
see our Catering Tips & Advice page.


Let us know which color(s) you want for your event or we can work with you to help you choose. The cost of all linens will be included in your quote at your request. Below is a color swatch of some of the most common linen colors, more colors and patterns are available.


NOTE: Actual colors may appear different.


Chairs should be reserve as far ahead as possible. There are also chair covers available, call to ask about chair cover styles and colors. Below are the available chair colors and types. Brown plastic , not shown, is the standard and cheapest chair option from the choices.


Tents & Tent Options


Ask to see a sample floor plan created for your event. Below shows common tent sizes, in feet, and the approximate number of people it can fit with tables. The maximum number of people does not allow for food, dance floors, music, etc.

10×10 – 8 people or as a food tent
10×20 – 16 people or as a food tent
20×20 – 32 people or as a food tent
20×30 – 48 people
20×40 – 48 people
30×30 – 64 people
30×45 – 96 people
30×60 – 128 people

30×75 – 152 people
40×60 – 160 people
40×80 – 208 people
40×100 – 252 people
60×60 – 240 people
60×70 – 288 people
60×90 – 384 people
Yes, they come even larger

Tent Options

Dance Floor – Comes in all sizes.
Marquis – Connects a tent to a house or another tent.
Sides – Great to block wind as well as rain.
Heaters – Have an event well into November.
Air Conditioners – For those hot summer days.

Tent Lighting

Twinkle Lighting
Spot Lights
Track Lights
Ceiling Fans with Lights
Small Chandelier Lighting

Available Rentals

All china, glassware, and flatware are based on a per person charge depending on the needs of the event. We will include the cost of china in your quote if you request.


Majestic Pattern
10″ Plate
12″ Plate
7″ Plate
9″ Plate
6″ Bread & Butter Plate
Coffee Cup
Rim Soup Bowl

White or Gold Band

6″ Bread & Butter

Cereal Bowl

Coffee Cup


Demitasse Cup

Demitasse Saucer

10″ Dinner Plate

12″ Dinner Plate

French Onion w/ Handle

Gravy Boat

9″ Luncheon Plate

Meat Platter

Monkey Dish

7″ Salad Plate


Soup Bowl

Soup Cup


Vegetable Bowl


Drinking Glasses

Brandy Glasses
Champagne Flute
Champagne Traditional
Champagne Tulip
10 oz Citation
8 oz Citation
2 oz Cordial
6 oz Flute

Footed Highball
Footed Rocks
Ice Tea
Irish Coffee Mug
Old Fashion
Punch Cup

10.5 oz Red Wine
12.5 oz Red Wine
16 oz Red Wine
Sherry Glass
18 oz Water
6.5 oz White Wine
8 oz White Wine
12.5 oz White Wine

Bowls & Extras

Banana Split Bowls
5″ Bowls
10″ Bowls
12″ Bowls
5 oz Dessert Bowl
Sugar Bowl

Bud Vases
Candle Holder

Salt & Pepper
Votive Holder
12″ Williamsburg Globe


Sterling Silver

Butter Spreader
Cocktail Fork
Demitasse Spoon
Dessert Spoon
Dessert Spoon
Dinner Fork
Dinner Knife
Ice Tea Spoon
Salad Fork
Soup Spoon

Stainless Steel

Butter Spreader
Cocktail Fork
Demitasse Spoon
Dessert Spoon
Dinner Fork
Dinner Knife
Ice Tea Spoon
Salad Fork
Soup Spoon
Steak Knife

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