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Be Your Own Caterer

In addition to our two pickup options listed below. You may also pickup any equipment or rentals that you choose. See our Equipment & Rentals page for a complete listing.

Cold Pick up – In Disposables

We will be happy to prepare some or all of the food for your event. If you are in a jam and need to place a last minute order, we can work miracles. Chafing dish rentals are also available when picking up your order. Please consider your vehicle’s cargo capacity and the size of your order.

Hot Pick up – In Disposables

There is a $6.00 per pan charge for food picked up hot at Bachetti’s. This is a nice option for when you are cutting it close between work and your event or you want to pick up a hot lunch for your office. Please note that some foods are best served straight from the oven and some items may require additional heating.

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